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 We provide our services to adults, young people, children and organisations . Our therapy sessions cover individual, couples, family, and group therapy. You can access our therapy sessions via phone, online or in-person.

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The effects of mental health issues in the workplace are becoming more and more evident, and businesses are under increasing pressure to ensure their staff are supported and engaged in their mental health. A lot of employees are still unwilling to admit to or seek help for their mental health issues. By helping to initiate the conversation and offering assistance when needed, companies can help to lessen the impact on their business and aid their staff in getting back on track as quickly as possible.


In order to create a positive atmosphere of understanding and support for mental health in your business, management teams must be educated in recognising the signs and symptoms of mental health issues and how to respond and provide help. This will enable any issues to be dealt with before they become more serious.

Powermind Clinic works with a variety of experienced trainers, including psychologists and psychotherapists, who can work with your management, Human Resources and Occupational Health teams to create a healthy environment in your workplace.

Insurance Providers

Our clinic is registered with all leading health insurance providers. The cost of psychological therapy may differ based on the insurance company you are enrolled with.

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